The long-term success of the broadcast media industry in Africa - and indeed, across the globe - especially as it concerns the Free-To-Air (FTA) broadcast television is dependent, largely, on the robustness of its advertising market and its ability to attract adequate revenues therefrom. Key to this is the fact that in the digital dispensation, advertisers and sponsors will put their funds where they can get variable audience reach. Successful TV revenue models will be those that leverage the combined powers of a fragmented but networked media environment and provide advertisers and sponsors with the relevant impact metrics that, in turn, allow them to justify their spending with the broadcasters.

As credible audience data and measurements becomes key to any broadcaster's business model, and as traditional methods of collecting audience data - that assume only the viewing of linear programs on conventional TV sets - are becoming less and less relevant, fixing the issues and taking advantage of ensuing opportunities will help cement the future viability of many broadcast organisation.