Conveners' Remarks: Broadcast Media Africa
Conveners' Remarks: Broadcasting Organisations Of Nigeria
Goodwill Message From Regulator
Host Welcome Address
Keynote: Delivering Digital TV Services - Capacities And Capabilities
Special Address From The Guest Of Honour
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Showcase: Media Transmission And Delivery - Understanding And Implementing New IP-Based Innovation And Solutions
Discussion: Mapping-Out The Future Of DTH In The Digital Ecosystem

Session topics:

  • Examine current and future content discovery and delivery trends, such as interactive content, live streaming, etc. How might these trends reshape the digital ecosystem?


  • Discuss the role of governments and regulatory bodies in shaping the digital content ecosystem. How can regulations balance freedom of expression with the need to address harmful content?


  • Assess the significance of making digital content accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. What measures are being taken to improve content accessibility?


  • Discuss the dominance of major content distribution platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify. How are these platforms shaping the future of content delivery, and what does it mean for traditional media?
Showcase: On-Prem Vs On-Cloud Infrastructure - Understanding The Issues, Challenges And Opportunities
Discussion: Achieving Reliable Infrastructure For Successful Broadcast Operations In The Digital Ecosystem

Session topics:

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of remote monitoring and management of broadcast infrastructure. How can remote solutions improve reliability and reduce operational costs?


  • Consider budget constraints and cost-effective approaches to building and maintaining reliable broadcast infrastructure. What are the trade-offs between reliability and cost?


  • Discuss regulatory requirements and compliance standards broadcasters must adhere to in different regions. How can broadcasters ensure compliance while maintaining reliability?


  • Discuss how technological advancements, such as IP-based broadcasting and cloud-based infrastructure, are reshaping the landscape of broadcast operations. How do these technologies enhance reliability?
Lunch & Networking
Showcase: Content Localisation - What Is It? And How Can Nigerian Broadcasters Benefit?
Discussion: New Practical Ways For Broadcasters To Monetise Content In The Digital Ecosystem

Session topics:

  • Address the ethical considerations of data monetisation and how broadcasters can use viewer data to personalise content and advertising effectively


  • Examine the potential of pay-per-view and premium content offerings, including live events and exclusive content.How can broadcasters create a sense of exclusivity to drive sales?


  • Explore the subscription-based revenue model, discussing its effectiveness in generating a consistent income stream


  • How can broadcasters offer compelling content to attract and retain subscribers?


  • Discuss the role of advertising-supported content and how broadcasters can balance user experience with ad revenue.


  •  What are the emerging trends in ad formats, such as interactive and targeted ads?


  • Explore partnerships with brands and affiliate marketing as a source of revenue. How can broadcasters promote products and services relevant to their content?
Showcase: Deploying State-Of-The-Art Content Aggregation And Distribution Solutions For Broadcasters In Africa
Discussion: Licensing, Co-producing Or Commissioning - Re-evaluating The Paradigm By Which Broadcast Media Content Is Acquired

Session topics:

  • Explore how different content acquisition models influence content discovery algorithms and viewer engagement. What types of content are more likely to go viral or gain a loyal following?


  • Evaluate the monetisation strategies associated with each acquisition model. How can broadcasters maximise revenue through advertising, subscriptions, or other means?


  • Analyse how audience demands and preferences shape content acquisition decisions. How do broadcasters adapt to changing viewer expectations?


  • Address content acquisition’s regulatory and legal aspects, including licensing agreements, copyright, and intellectual property rights.
Closing Remarks And Wrap Up
Showcase: Examining factors driving content-delivery workflow for multi-platform, multimedia environment
Showcase: Digital Broadcast Studio Facilities Management - Issues, Challenges And Opportunities
Discussion: Exploring How Connectivity and Convergence Status Impacts Digital Broadcast Media Operations

Session topics:

  • Examine how merging traditional broadcast media with digital platforms (like social media and streaming services) reshapes content creation, distribution, and consumption


  • Explore how traditional networks are adapting (or struggling to adapt) to the new digital landscape in terms of technology and business models


  • Delve into the challenges of regulating content in a converged media environment, including issues related to censorship, misinformation, and digital rights


  • Discuss the shift in audience behaviour from passive consumption to active engagement and how media companies adapt to this change


  • Speculate on future trends and technological innovations like AI, VR, and AR and how they might further impact digital broadcast media operations
Morning Refreshments
Showcase: Measuring And Monetising Audience - Practical Ways To Leverage Analytics For TV And Radio
Discussion: Keeping Up With Ever Changing Media Consumption Habits - What Industry Stakeholders Need To Do To Stay Ahead In The Game!

Session topics:

  • Examine how merging traditional broadcast media with digital platforms (like social media and streaming services) reshapes content creation, distribution, and consumption


  • Assess the importance of agility and flexibility in content production and distribution to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands and trends


  • Analysis of how the shift from traditional to digital platforms is changing consumption habits vis-a-vis platform-specific audience behaviours and preferences in the digital ecosystem


  • Given the increasing use of smartphones for media consumption, discuss the importance of mobile-first strategies in content creation and distribution


  • Address the growing consumer demand for authentic and transparent content and how this affects content creation and branding
Discussion: Advertising In The Digital Broadcast Ecosystem - What Has Changed And How To Respond

Session topics:

  • Examine how digital platforms have enabled more targeted and personalised advertising, utilising user data to reach specific demographics and psychographics – and how broadcasters can take advantage


  • Discussing programmatic advertising – and how its growth is automating the buying and selling of ad space, making the process more efficient


  • Discuss the challenges and methods of measuring return on investment in digital advertising, which can be more complex than traditional media
Lunch & Networking
Showcase: Media Assets Management (MAM) Systems For Digital Broadcasting - New Innovations And Solutions
Discussion: Special Interest And Community-Based Radio Services – How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities In The Digital Ecosystem

Session topics:

  • Emphasise the importance of customising content to meet the specific interests and preferences of the target community and how digital tools can aid in personalising this content


  • Discuss the importance of identifying, understanding and targeting niche audiences or specific community needs often underserved by mainstream media


  • Consider the benefits of forming partnerships with community organisations, influencers, and other stakeholders to enhance reach and credibility within the target community


  • Explore various funding models suitable for special interest and community broadcasting, including subscriptions, sponsorships, crowdfunding, and grant funding
Showcase: Repurposing Legacy Content For Digital Delivery And Monetisation - Options And Possibilities
Discussion: Dealing With Fake Content And Broadcasting Integrity In The Multi-Platform Digital Ecosystem

Session topics:

  • Discussing the widespread presence of fake content across various digital platforms and its impact on public opinion and trust in media


  • Examining challenges broadcasters and content creators face in identifying and filtering fake content, especially with the sophistication of deep fakes and manipulated media


  • Highlight the importance of robust fact-checking and verification processes within media organisations to ensure the accuracy of the content


  • Examine how to put in place adequate transparency in content sourcing and creation processes as a means to build trust with audiences.
Closing Remarks And Wrap Up
10:30 - 12:00
Workshop A: Remote Production in a Connected World - Systems And Operations
10:00 - 12:30
Workshop B: Camera, Lights, Audio: A-Z Review Of Key Innovations And Changes In The Production And Post-Production Rooms
10:00 - 12:30
Workshop C: Cloud / IP Broadcasting - Understanding Storage, Transcoding, And Playout